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  • Competence: rare combination of  basketball AND business knowlegde
  • Reliability: one of the market leaders in germany since foundation








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Who stands behind LIMELIGHT HOOPS?

ingo_wolf.pngAs a former professional player of the German National Team, Sports Director and International Sales Manager, Ingo Wolf, founder and owner of LIMELIGHT HOOPS, combines basketball and business experience in a unique and effective way.

This combination is very helpful for our clients to reach their absolute potential on and off the court.

On top of being active in different positions in the basketball business for over 25 years, he is knowledgeable and comfortable with both sides of the negotiation table.


Hubert_Radke.pngHubert Radke, a former college and professional basketball player turned lawyer, adds a unique and valuable combination of sports and legal knowledge to LIMELIGHT HOOPS.

The experienced gained in more than 15 years as a player on a national and international level as well as his specialized knowledge in the area of sports law are certainly the best that could be offered to our clients looking for comprehensive representation and consultation in the basketball market.

Hubert’s qualities both on and off the court are essential to building and developing our athlete’s career paths. 

Len_Matela.pngLen Matela is a successful collegiate player who won many individual awards as well as a Mid American Conference championship at Bowling Green State University. After his college days were over he turned his college success into professional success winning a handful of championships and an MVP award over his 10 years as a pro in Germany and Belgium. 
Len has been around the game for many years and has an eye for talent. He brings a level of communication from an Americans point of view into the European ranks. He is someone who succeeded in both continents and will be there for any player to ensure success wherever they play.





alte_leipziger_transp.png   Alte Leipziger Versicherungen 

calculat_transp.png   CALCULAT Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

fels_transp.png   Kanzlei F.E.L.S

medienconnection_transp.png   medienconnection 

radke_transp.png   Teresa & Artur Radke Law Firm, Wloclawek, Poland







We can proudly say: We were able to place over 90 % of our clients since the beginning of our agency in 1997 – an extraordinary percentage thanks to careful and comprehensive recruiting and hard work.


For a complete list of current players click here.


Chris Ensminger    (Gotha – Germany ProA)
Steven Esterkamp    (Gotha – Germany ProA)
Sebastian Machowski    (Bremerhaven – Germany BBL, BBL Coach of the Year 2013)
Silvano Poropat    (Bonn – Germany BBL, BBL Coach of the Year 2007 & 2014)
Doug Spradley    (Vechta – Germany BBL)
Jukka Toijala    (Steaua Bucharest – Romania)
Marco van den Berg    (Trier - Germany ProA, Dutch Eredivisie Champ 2003 & 2010, Eredivisie Coach of the Year 2010)

Hall of Fame:

John Bowler    (Most Likeable BBL Player 2008)
Chris Ensminger    (8x BBL All-Star, All-Time BBL Leading Rebounder)
Steven Esterkamp    (played 7 seasons in the BBL and 4 seasons in the 2nd division)
Darren Fenn    (5x BBL All-Star, BBL Champion 2007)
Gordon Geib    (played 10 seasons in the BBL before retiring at age 27)
Tyron McCoy   (4x BBL All-Star, played 10 seasons in the BBL)
Marius Nolte   (played 8 seasons in the BBL and 5 seasons in 2nd division)
Pascal Roller   (BBL Champion, 5x BBL All-Star, German NT Player, Most Likeable BBL Player 2010)
Alexander Seggelke   (1x BBL All-Star, played 5 seasons in the BBL and 8 seasons in 2nd division)













Chris Ensminger – Player / Coach– 8 times BBL All-Star:
„I have played 14 seasons as a professional basketball player in the BBL and now I am a head coach in German ProA. Looking back, I can say the experience and basketball knowledge Ingo possesses helps his clients reach their goals.

I am very grateful for everything Limelight Hoops has done for my career and family. Whether in the beginning, middle or end of my career, Ingo
’s guidance steered me in the right direction and whatever path I decide to take, Ingo will be there to assist me.“


David Brembly - Player:
„My connection with Ingo started in 2013. At the current time I was very unhappy with my current playing situation. Not only did he helped me to get out of this position, he also supported me through the tough time. The thing that I cherish the most is his honesty and involvement for each of his players. He treats everyone very professionally, personally and is always at top of his game. I am proud to be a part of the Limelight Hoops Family.“

Hans-Georg Voigtmann – Parent:
„A excellent expert of the basketball scene, a competent advisor in any regard, somebody, who will not abuse your trust, simply said, you can trust Ingo to make the right decisions for your son.“

Adam Waczynski – Player:
„Im with Ingo since 2010 and Im very happy to be a member of his Limelight Hoops agency. He was always helping and giving advices to do the best for me. Were meeting couple times every year, having contact all the time and looking for solutions for the future. With Ingo Im much more safe and I know that nothing bad can happen to me and my family. He also is a great person who will guide you to the very best of your sports career.“


Steve Esterkamp – Player / Coach:
„I have been working with Ingo since 2009. He has always been honest and upfront with me which I think is hard to find in a good agent these days. After a very serious injury a couple of years ago when I was still a player, I was not able to play for a year and a half. Ingo stood always behind me. He was able to help me get through this and find my way back on the court. He was a big help for me to continue my playing career and to make the transition to become a coach afterwards.“ 


Sebastian Machowski – Player / Coach:
„In the early 90s Ingo and I played for ALBA Berlin and ever since we have had a sincere friendship. For the last years of my career as a player Ingo took care of all contracts and continues to do so successfully also after I have became coach. With his serious approach and professional attitude he earned my complete trust. Based on his various experience in basketball Ingo is an important and valuable consultant for all aspects of our sport.“


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